Oh hey there it’s been awhile! I have forgotten about the blog for awhile just due to not having enough time to want to sit and think about what to write, so today I am back with some photos to share about a few things that have been going on.

Tofu Omeletts

Mini oven baked Omelettes from Isa Does It

lunchbox  lunchbox

We are still making lunches everyday for school, well not at the moment as we are on holidays! our first term has been and gone and it went crazy fast.

We also adopted two new family members Barbara and Selina

ratties School holiday fun.

rice play  beans and rice

Lots of other things in between all these things have happened like Miss A turing 2! and it’s almost a year since we adopted this cute guy


So this is kinda a random quick post next time I will have an actual post as I have a few things to add to the blog at the moment, it might have to wait till after the holidays. Until then have fun!

2014 is off to a great start, Miss C has started her first week at school and loving it, likes her teacher and is over the moon that some of her Kindy friends are in her class. Lunchboxes are everyday now and I have a system down so I shouldn’t be caught out in a rush of the mornings, I say this after one week ha! oh boy.


The other thing that has gone well is the fact that school drop of is fun! we are a car free family, and have been enjoying this baby.



The girls love the bike

fun times

And apparently this happens


So this has been the start of our year and I have loved every minute of it.

I hope everyone else has a great 2014.

I have forgotten a lot of things lately, I have also gone to christmas parties a week early…

End of year craziness is my excuse :)

Anyway here are the Lunchboxes.

IMG_9745 IMG_9749 IMG_9750 IMG_9753 IMG_9756 IMG_9758 IMG_9775

Soon it will be holidays so I won’t be doing many Lunchboxes. Next year is a start of a whole new journey  for our family with Miss C starting Prep! She will be at school 5 days a week, it will be a test of my commitment to the lunches ha!

Oh no cook playdough I think I love you!

My girls love playdough, almost as much as bubbles.

I hate buying playdough as it all gets mixed together and gross, I don’t mind making it but hate having to stand over the stove just to make something they will play with for a few minutes…

Then in strolled no cook playdough and it sat bookmarked on the computer for another time…. Today was that time, it’s hot and humid, apparently it’s going to storm, Miss C is bored and I don’t want to watch another movie, and I don’t want to go to much effort, so really it was perfect timing to give this no cook playdough a go.

I am so glad we did! not only did it take so little effort it took hardly anytime. Miss C helped with the mixing, up until we had to add the boiling water.

It is pretty cool how quick it happens, though now my hands are covered in food dye…




So try it if you are in need of something quick and easy to do with the little ones.


First the Lunchbox!

IMG_9733 IMG_9734 IMG_9735

Earlier in the week the plan was to go out and about and have fun, that didn’t work out to well, thanks windy weather.

I decided to make the most of it and do some messy play, we had paint and cornflour so we mixed it up to see what would happen, it was very similar to the cloud dough but colourful!

Mixing it up with Miss C

Mixing it up with Miss C 


close up

Miss A was not impressed with paint hands...

Miss A was not impressed with paint hands…


Messy hands speckled ball



The lunchboxes I use are perfect for bento style lunches, Some of them can seem a bit expensive for what they are. Can you do fun lunches in a basic lunchbox? I got to find out when Miss C asked for a lunchbox we saw in Kmart; and it had a very friendly price tag under $10!

Lunchbox  main compartment

This is what I managed. In the main compartment there was a fair bit of room, no tiny sandwiches in this lunchbox!

top medium compartment  This was a compartment that had a small drink bottle in it, we won’t be using the drink bottle so it has become the morning tea compartment.

IMG_9731 IMG_9732

The two smallest compartments are perfect for little snacks or Bananas..

Miss C was very happy with her new lunchbox.



It seems today is halloween, while the internet goes crazy with fancy halloween Activities, Snacks and Lunchboxes, I catch up on last weeks lunches and eat cupcakes…

IMG_9714 IMG_9716 IMG_9718


Not only have we enjoyed cupcakes, we have enjoyed homemade Cookie dough Ice Cream!

vegan cookie dough ice cream

Miss C also likes Pizza, though her idea of liking Pizza is to pick the toppings off and eat the saucy base….  She always asks for Pizza but I hate the waste,I remember seeing a friend cut out Pastry shapes to make a pizza and figured I would give it a try and this time we actually had Notzarella in the fridge so yay!. It turns out Pastry Pizza is a clear winner! everything was eaten, nothing left on the plates at all.

Pastry Pizza


So last Friday I had my two bottom Wisdom Teeth removed, and I am still a bit sore and sorry for myself and not loving a lot of things. I had some extra help around the house which was awesome but also meant children were out of sorts and routine…. In other words it is a crazy house at the moment…


Kindy still happened so lunches were made.

nom nom nom  IMG_9710

I don’t feel like writing what’s in the Lunchboxes this week as they are pretty simple ones.

IMG_9711  IMG_9713

This post is a quick simple one as I am now going to rest while Miss A sleeps and Miss C is at Kindy..


I didn’t go to much effort to make baked goods or yummy treats last week, why? because I didn’t feel like it! and also last week our pantry and fridge supplies were out of whack… strange week indeed….

So we had basic whatever is in the fridge kinda lunches….



Laptop Lunchbox: Cherry tomatoes, Cucumber and Tofu Stars, Soy crisps and Dried Fruit, Peanut butter and Jam Sandwich, Dried Fig, Apple Flowers.

Yellow Lunchbox: Banana and pear. 


Something new this week… A few close ups.

IMG_9703 IMG_9702 IMG_9704

What came back?: Nothing! not even the lunchbox… Until the next morning anyway… and then it was just the tomatoes and some dried fruit.


Elephant Lunchbox: See above in different shapes, but with Dinosaur sandwiches! 

IMG_9706 IMG_9707

What Came Back?: A few pieces of dried fruit.

I love how simple food can look so fun and delicious with a few cutters and food picks.

I sometimes sew, I love sewing when I get the chance and motivation. I also strangely love bags even though I hate carrying things..  So I made myself a bag, an awesome bag.


This post is to play catch up because I forget to post sometimes. This doesn’t really bother me as I much rather spend time doing things rather then blog, but today I have the time to post. I did make lunches last week, I also went to see Grease with my Cousin and it was fantastic! I love grease I grew up watching the movie so see the stage show was super awesome. I had all the songs stuck in my head for days.


My Aunty watched the girls and I had to pack them a lunch so they wouldn’t go crazy and so my Aunty wouldn’t have to search for vegan food…

big sister little sister

These LunchBots are new in our collection and they are pretty awesome, I get a few questions about Lunchboxes and how I set them out, Some people prefer to have stainless steel Lunchboxes over plastic for eco friendly reasons, so I wanted to show that if you have these types of Lunchboxes you are still able to make fun lunches for the little ones or yourself. You can get silicon cupcake moulds for $2 at kmart so you don’t have to brake budget. The Lunchbots are also much smaller then the Laptop lunchbox, which has it’s advantages to fit in smaller backpacks. The bright coloured lids made them very appealing to the girls and they seemed to be very excited about them.

The next day was back to Kindy for Miss C, last week the Lunchboxes were simple foods since I didn’t get the chance to make anything. She also requested to use the purple LunchBots Lunchbox.


Stitch Lunchbox: Apple and Pear stars with Cashews.

LunchBots: Bear mud spread Sandwich,Apple stars,Cucumber and Tofu Stars, Seaweed chips, Dried Cranberries and Dried Apricots.

What came back?: Nothing came back! 


Elephant Lunchbox:  Cucumber stars, Carrot Flowers with Hommus, Apple Stars, Tamari roasted Chickpeas, and A bear Sandwich.

What came back?: Nothing came back! 







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